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Hymns and Psalms is in use in all churches in the Circuit except Marlborough Road and Cropredy

Singing the Faith Music and words available at Chacombe, Cropredy, Easington, Fairway, Greatworth, Grimsbury  and Hornton  This is the main hymnbook in Marlborough Road and Cropredy

Mission Praise is available at Grimsbury, St Francis, Greatworth and Hinton

Combined Mission Praise is available at Hinton

Complete Mission Praise is available at Adderbury

Circuit Supplement is available at Grimsbury, Easington and Greatworth

Songs of Fellowship is available at Chacombe and St Francis

The Methodist Worship Book is available at Marlborough Road and Grimsbury. The Communion section is available at Adderbury, Cropredy, Easington, Fairway, Greatworth, Hinton and Hornton.

Church Copyright Licences have been taken up at Hornton, Marlborough Road & St Francis, so preachers can use words for hymns from other books which are covered by the licence if they desire. Please liaise with Church Stewards about this.

The Loop Hearing System is in use at Adderbury, Cropredy, Easington, Hornton and Marlborough Road.

Computer projection system is available at Marlborough Road

A Data Projector is available contact, the Circuit Administrator.