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A  rural Circuit, Banbury has fifteen churches, five based in the town itself.

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Pray, pray, pray and pray again.

A little boy of 3 was with his family when I recently visited for a funeral planning conversation.  His nanna told him to be quiet.  On his asking why, she told him that everyone needed to listen to what this lady had to say.  As you can imagine, he kept talking and we needed to talk and listen around him.  Listening is about hearing, learning, and understanding, paying attention and attending to someone, which isn’t always easy.  

At the end of last month’s newsletter I said: “My prayer for you is that together we might all continue to listen to his (God’s) voice and have life in all its fullness”.  Being able to listen is a gift, listening is important but listening to God is vital.  I wonder what attention you have given God and what you have heard him say to you this last month.

Prayer was the essence of Jesus Christ’s relationship with the Father.  He prayed for himself and his mission, and he continues to pray for all believers.  He had a practice of prayer: He prayed regularly, He often prayed alone but not always.  There were specific times in his life when he prayed – before his death, when he was on the cross, at his baptism, when he chose the apostles and before his transfiguration.  When do you pray?

So, what characterised Jesus’ prayers?  He prayed in communion with God, we see this in Matt 6:9 with the words of the Lord’s prayer and he also submitted himself to God’s presence and with all of this he gave praise and thanks to his Father.  What characterises your prayers and who and what do you pray for?  The scope of Jesus Christ’s prayers were wide ranging;  praying for children, for his disciples, for his persecutors, for himself and for all believers.

In May’s newsletter I talked to you about two groups that we were setting up as part of our Circuit review.  One group looked to the future; exploring what the circuit is about, how its mission is to help the local chapels, and importantly how can we see the next years pan out.  The second group looked at new and different ways of serving God.  These meetings were productive.  The minutes/notes that were taken are available to everyone, so if you would like to see them, do please let me know.  One thing that came from both of these meetings was that we need to be praying for this circuit and for all our churches and chapels.

We all know that Jesus taught his followers about prayer and continued his ministry of prayer throughout his life.  The circuit leadership team has talked about how we can help you with your prayer life.  To this end we have created three prayer cards, one for each of the partnerships in this circuit, hopefully by now you will have received yours, if not please chase me up.  These prayer cards will be written and issued each quarter.  In the  next quarter we hope that each church will write their own prayers, letting Victoria or myself have them.

Let us all continue to pray as Jesus does, pray for the future of God’s work in this place.

 “Pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”. 1 Thessalonians 5: 17

May God continue to bless you.



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