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A  rural Circuit, Banbury has fifteen churches, five based in the town itself.

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What do you want to do with God?

The hymn ‘O Thou who camest from above’ is often sung at funerals. The last verse seems to be appropriate in this context.  However, the other verses seem all about growth and commitment. The words of the third verse really make me think of how we, as God’s people, speak God’s words in our everyday lives. He gifts us to share His story, how effective are we at telling that story?  More importantly, what do we expect as a result of sharing it? Look at this verse with me.

Jesus, confirm my heart’s desire

to work and speak, and think for thee;

still let me guard the holy fire,

and still stir up thy gift in me.

 Charles Wesley, Hymns & Psalms 745, v.3

These words describe a concept of Christian holiness, Methodism’s traditional way of speaking about growth in discipleship. They highlight the pure gift of the Spirit.

What is your heart’s desire? Is it to work and speak for God? So often we say that we are God’s hands, feet and voices here on earth, working for his Kingdom, showing his love through the Good News and example of Jesus. This then must show that we want to work with Him. So if it is our desire to work and speak for God, then, having spoken and worked for Him, surely we must expect some response. We must accept that we will have a made a difference to someone or to a situation.

This is the tough bit. We do not always want to accept that we do make a difference or even like the consequences of our actions! By speaking out, by encouraging new people in our churches, by changing anything, we will make a difference, life in the church and in God’s Kingdom will be different. Terrorist action has affected our everyday lives, just think back to 9/11 – banking and identity checks are so very different now.

Our actions affect others, whether we know it not, whether we like it or not.  I heard of how a lady who had paid for her travel on a bus refused to let an elderly lady who had free travel on a bus, have a seat. Her decision was simple. The lady who had paid, felt entitled to the seat, as the other hadn’t paid she didn’t have as much entitlement! The individual needs of the elderly free-travel passenger were not even considered. The effect of the actions of the one person had a huge impact on the other person.

The change in the law allowing same sex marriage has an impact on the Church. At Conference this year there was conversation about Marriage and Relationships. We have all been asked: if we have strong belief about what marriage and relationships should be like? How do you work out what you believe? Do you find yourself chatting to family and friends beyond the church about relationships you are not sure about? Do you ask yourself what God's view of marriage and relationships might be? Do you wonder what to think? An invite to a gathering at Marlborough Road to feed in our conversations on this subject is included in this newsletter.

The Circuit Meeting gave permission for us to have a Circuit Review. We will again examine whether our chapels are Progressing, Planting, Parked or need Pruning. The effects of the last review have moved all of the chapels on – where is each chapel at now. Re-examine the gifts God’s has given you and your chapel to use. Are they used effectively and properly for God? If they are, there will be growth, and others will grow in faith and discipleship. Allow the Holy Spirit to stir up your God given gifts to enable His story to be told. But, don’t be surprised of what a difference you will make!

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