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A  rural Circuit, Banbury has fifteen churches, five based in the town itself.

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Jesus is looking for you! Are you looking for Him?

As is the norm at Presbyteral Synod, second year Probationer's are, if appropriate, given permission to be Ordained at the forthcoming Conference. This permission was given to three Probationers in this District. The meeting was also told that their Testimony Services have been arranged and all are invited to go. All of this evoked memories of my special services back in 2003. At the pre-Ordination retreat we were all told that when the President of Conference and our assistant placed their hands on your head you may feel the power of the Spirit, but you might not. It may be felt later on. In my case it was the latter on an occasion when I wasn't expecting to feel this, an amazing experience.

What an amazing experience it is when we come to know Jesus. To know of his love for us, to realise that he is forever with us, guiding us and enabling us in our lives. To see Jesus at work in this world is quite special.

In the gospels there are eleven appearance stories. Stories whereby Jesus appears to various people after the resurrection. Nobody was at the resurrection, people learnt of it afterwards. They were still shocked by Jesus death, the disciples would have been fearful of what could happen to them, they probably didn't know what to do with themselves; did they go back to their old work, did they continue with what Jesus had taught them and shown them, what was to happen next!

On one day at daybreak (we don't know which day) seven disciples went back to their old occupation, fishing. Simon Peter who had seen the empty tomb had now decided to go back to work, to get on with life. He said he was going fishing and the others said that they would go with him. It wasn't as easy as this though, they didn't catch anything, what was going on? When the call from the shore said "Throw your nets on the other side of the boat" surely he was reminded of Jesus. He wasn't looking for Jesus and he certainly didn't expect to see him. When the disciple Jesus loved said 'It's the Lord' Simon Peter swam to the shore to see his friend, the Lord. Wow! Nothing was ever going to be the same for him. This experience meant that he could never go backwards. Yes, he could fish at any time, but he had to continue with the work Jesus set before him.

When you greet Easter Sunday morning this year, you may feel that the joy of the resurrection is with you which is wonderful, but you may not. Your journey through Lent may have been refreshing and it has stimulated your faith, but equally it may have stirred up questions, doubts and struggles. It may be that life is difficult for you at the moment, but do not fear if the Easter joy is not felt by you. The disciples were very much in this mind frame but through the various appearance events they had new experiences of Jesus.

This Easter, may we all be open to a new experience of Jesus, whether on Easter Day or in the coming days and weeks. Feel close to him in a new way. Do not bury him in the past but look for a new experience of your risen Lord.

With every blessing,



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